Monday, 12 December 2011

So, hi again!

Greetings fellow pilots!

As I'm sure you'll have noticed I last made a post at the end of October and we're now in the middle of December. Some gap, eh? Unfortunately real life decided to rear its ugly head and I pretty much only had time to log in to update my skill queue (and lose a Firetail to gate guns due to forgetting about having gone GCC on a Drake moments earlier). I probably should have posted here to say I was away from New Eden but I actually forgot. But I'm back now!

I made my return to New Eden a few days after Crucible was deployed and on the whole I like it a lot. By far my favourite addition to Eve are the beautiful backdrops that I now gaze longingly at in between relinquishing defenceless pilots of their assets. Also, I used to play Eve on my meh laptop that could only handle it on low-medium settings at a lulzy resolution. I've recently built myself an uber gaming tower to play Battlefield 3 on ultra settings and as such now get to stare at New Eden in 1020x1080 on a 24" 1080p monitor. It really is beautiful.

Crucible brought with it the new Tier 3 Battlecruisers and to be honest I've only really looked at the ship models to see how awesome they look and given their stats a cursory glance over. I don't have large guns trained at all, let alone to T2 so I'm not really fussed about flying them. I have however had a run-in with a Talos. I was returning to Hev from a fruitless roam when I saw the Gallente BC appear on D-scan. Local was quite sparse and the only non-Tusker in system was a 2-month old pilot. Instinct took over and I immediately warped to the top belt. Sure enough the Talos was there ratting. I let out a hearty chuckle. It then occurred to me that I wasn't completely sure what a Talos was. I'd heard the name but couldn't quite remember what ship type it was. Spamming point I began to orbit tightly, unleashing fury from my autocannons. The new pilot yellowboxed me for a while and it wasn't until he was deep in armour that he started shooting. I found out in the conversation afterwards that he mistargeted and was in fact blowing holy hell out of an asteroid before he started to direct his fire at me. Here is the killmail. It's not especially impressive considering the age of the pilot and the fit but it's still a cool above class kill.

I've had a few more encounters this weekend but will save those battle reports for another post. I've also hit a lot of my skill training goals. I'm now fielding Warrior IIs with a decent Drone skillset (considering how much I use them) and I'm holding off on getting all my gunnery skills to V as that will take a stupid amount of time. Plus there are more important skills to train right now. I have almost 4.5 million SP in Gunnery which is a huge chunk of my 10.5mil total and I'm happy with all of my Gunnery skills being IV or V for the time being.

I'm currently working on a new skill plan for my next desired ship to cruise around New Eden in:

The Vagabond.