Wednesday 31 March 2021

An Interesting Title


I'm going to completely gloss over the fact I've not posted for a while and carry on like normal.

I've been in Shadow Cartel for a while now and have been having a blast. When I first joined, the (sometimes) expensive doctrine ships and large fleets (larger than what I was used to) were a bit of a turn off as I was a dedicated solo/small gang player. While I like to think I still am at heart I can't deny that flying in some of the organised fleets has been fun - Eve is after all a social game. It helps that there are some great FCs within the alliance.

During my time in SC I have noticed my playstyle has changed somewhat significantly. I rarely undock in the T1/T2/faction frigates that I used to before roaming the belts looking for like-minded PvPers to test my mettle against. These days I can be found flying larger and more expensive hull types.

Bored? I'll take the Mach out solo because why not?

Small gang roam with the blokes? I'll bring a Sleipnir because why not?

I do enjoy zooming around occasionally in a Kiki or a Wolf but I seem to have "upgraded" from my days of roaming in frigates looking for fights. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing and I won't ever rule out some T1 frig fun because at its core those are really fun, short, sharp scraps.

Joining SC has also enabled me to get my blops on a lot more than I previously had. I commented in a previous post about my Panther sat gathering dust and not doing a lot but now I can gleefully say that its been out dunking unwary miners. I'm still waiting for the day that we get counter-blopsed as I know it's coming Soon™.

When I was thinking about ideas for this post I looked back at my last entry - the Orca kill of the week. I've since killed three more Orcas which sort of dilutes it a bit I think. Two of them had blops dropped on their heads and the other was much like the first - I warped to a belt and found it mining. I was only in a Huginn at the time so had to call in the cavalry to help apply DPS. Due to being in SC now I've had the opportunity to be in fleets that blap carriers, dreads and Fortizars. Whilst these are big ticket kills worth a lot of ISK there usually isn't a lot to be said for the story behind them - not on a micro level anyway. I don't think it would be particularly interesting for people to read what would essentially be an AAR about a bunch of T3Cs' bridging into a lowsec system to systematically apply violence to three carriers and then bridge out again. I think I'll leave my "kill of the week" tales for fights that are worth writing about rather than "oh look we killed a shiny today".

I keep solo roaming around in my Sleipnir hoping to bump into a "manageable" gang of cruisers or something. Nothing that would just instablap me easily as that would be boring but a fight that would require me to be at the top of my game to survive or if not, get a load of kills before exploding, a ~good fight~ if you will. I'm not sure they exist anymore though; regardless of what side of the killboard I'm on it feels like the majority of fights in Eve are very one-sided these days. Maybe they always have been and I just need to take off the rose-tinted specs.

Fly recklessly,

- Cable

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