Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Summary So Far

As it stands you could say that my journey into pirating is well under way. My killboard so far is in pretty bad shape. At the moment I'm sitting on 40 kills to 66 losses. Not the greatest of starts but I'm sure there's worse out there. I did what many starting PvPers have done and after leaving RvB I bought a stack of Rifters and fitted them as best I could then went out and lost them all. And did it again. And I'm still sort of doing that only I have a few kills dotted in amongst the losses.

One of the reasons I've lost so many ships is that I either bravely (more like foolishly) engage in fights I could never hope to win just because I like to fight. Going against Ruptures whilst in a Rifter for example is just daft really but I enjoy it.

A large chunk of my losses however come from losing pre-arranged 1v1s, generally T1 frigate fights. At this stage in the game I'm putting that down to lacking the skillpoints to just do that extra bit of damage on my foe. Quite recently a lot of my 1v1s have been exceptionally close and most of the time I've left the enemy in structure when they popped me so it can only improve.

Right now I'm spending my time flying around the systems in and around Old Man Star which I find can have a large pool of potential targets. I am however finding that better fights can be found by starting my roams in Heydieles and going up through the Black Rise.

Fly dangerous!

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