Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Well hello there...

Here we are, my first blog. For those of you that have possibly stumbled here quite by accident or perhaps if you come here of your own free will I shall brief you up on what you can expect from Chasing the Blue Flash.

I started an EVE trial back in February and quickly became hooked on the pretty explosions and sheer diversity of the sandbox nature of the game. Soon after finishing up the Sisters of EVE epic arc I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do in New Eden: PvP.

Spending many an hour reading old threads on the forums and hitting up numerous guides on Evelopedia and Rifter Drifter (thanks Wensley - your guide is mega!) I decided I was going to become a pirate, but before I did so I was going to get some decent PvP experience. So I joined Red versus Blue. I had an excellent time in RvB and despite only staying for a few months I was exposed to a concentrated dose of fleet ops, solo PvP and the mechanics behind it all.

Wanting to don my eyepatch and get into lowsec I left RvB after a few months and armed with a few million skillpoints and a great deal of Rifter hulls my journey has already started, though only the first few footsteps into a long career of looting and pillaging have been trodden and I've decided I want to share this journey with other pilots, hoping that as I become a better and more skilled pilot I can spread the Word of the Pew Pew.

-- Cable

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