Friday, 8 March 2013

Because screw you, logic!

As I was warping around Hevrice this morning I saw a Thrasher on d-scan and quickly pinned him down to a medium FW plex. Due to the fact I was flying a Cane at the time I docked up and jumped into a Thrasher on my own and promptly made my way to the plex. Before activating the acceleration gate I briefly thought to myself that the chances were pretty high that the other pilot would be rocking autocannon fit and I'd find him sat on the beacon waiting to pop anything that entered. Which would be very bad for me as my Thrasher was bristling with artillery and a manly suitcase tank.

Not really caring, I warped into the plex anyway and sure enough there sat an AC Thrasher right on the beacon. I let out an audible 'le sigh' and aligned to the sun, all while overheating my guns, web and long pointing my would-be killer.

His first few shots took me straight into low shields due to the fact our hulls were bumping and grinding when I arrived on grid. My first volley took him to about 20% shields and I realised the fight was over when he took me into armour seconds later.

My second volley took him straight into deep armour but by this point I was already entering structure and spamming the warp button for when the inevitable happened. As the charming red bar that depicted my hull arced its way from right to left I noticed that my artillery wasn't far off unleashing another volley but I still hammered the warp button relentlessly.

Then there was a flash, followed by a bang and I was in warp. But what's this? I'm still in a Thrasher, albeit one ablaze with smoke and flame (and 35% hull!). Completely shocked at the result of this clash I announced in corp what had just happened and there was much laughing and joviality.

At first I couldn't believe that I'd brawled down an AC Thrasher with arties and Dian Lung and I scoffed at the situation.

Upon inspecting the killmail though I can see why the narrow victory fell in my favour; as soon as I realised my predicament when I landed, I immediately aligned to a celestial, ready to get my pod out. The other Thrasher was shield tanked and fitted with an MWD so when he scrammed me his prop mod shut off and he had no web, unlike myself. Being faster than him I was able to pull a bit of range whilst my artillery hammered him with almost no transversal due to me flying in a straight line and not orbiting.

It was definitely a good fight and one that I never expected to win. Maybe I'm not such a bad after all!

Fly reckless - it works for me o7

- Cable

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