Sunday, 18 September 2011

Moving on up in the world

On Friday I began skilling Medium Autocannon Specialization and it's now at III, and training to IV. What does this mean for our daring author?


I can now fit T2 gank and tank on my favourite Minmatar battleruiser. Flying 'Canes will open up a whole new array of targets to take on solo and I'll be more use to the Tuskers when they call for backup. I intend to get T2 artillery trained too as I've noticed a lot of people fly arty Canes and I've seen first-hand of how much damage they can dish out. The biggest change I'll probably find with flying Battlecruisers is that I can now fight on stargates without grievous repercussions. No longer will I see a juicy target and not be able to engage because I was flying a frigate.

I've already lost one though the odds were stacked against me but I went down valiantly, the Myrmidon down to half armour when I exploded.

I have a few more fitted in Hev and I've gone with both shield and armour variants. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how they work both solo and in fleet ops. The added gank and tank will be a great asset to my versatility as a pirate and I think I can cope with the extra align time and drop in agility.


  1. Congrats on stepping up into BC's. I've not actually enjoyed my Hurricanes as much as I have my Drakes. I find that while solo the cane is too flimsy for my liking under sentries whereas the Drake is far more resilient. As a gang ship though the Hurricane is awesome.

  2. The Cane gives you far more choice of engagement than a Drake.

    All things being equal:
    A Hurricane can choose to engage a drake, or to leave the fight if its going badly.
    A Drake does not have the same choice.