Thursday, 29 September 2011

Grab the loot Cable, Cable grab the loot!

Looking back at this months set of kills its become obvious that I have too many to write about in detail like I have done in previous posts. This month has seen me take part in the enforced distribution of other peoples assets 64 times. To describe all 64 kills would make for a cruelly long post that would probably bore many people to tears, if not myself as I typed it. I feel I'm past retelling the epic battles of tech one frigates shot-for-shot and so these unremarkable kills will fall to the wayside in Chasing the Blue Flash, to be replaced by adrenaline pumping tales that would envy the likes of David and Goliath and other famous combatants. And as advertised, big failures too. While I'm on the subject of fail lets start with what could possibly be one of the most expensive Jag losses ever!

Yeah that's right, a Centum A-type repper and an RF gyro and web were in my cargo hold. Why, you ask? It started when a fellow Tusker announced they were set to ambush a Loki in Old Man Star and so I pointed my Jag in the general direction of OMS and fired up my warp drive.

Unfortunately I landed a little too far from the battle and unfortunately didn't get on the killmail. As the Loki popped, his backup in the form of Hurricanes and an Arazu turned up. As our fleet began bugging out Sulieman asked if I could scoop the loot from the destroyed Loki before I gtfo. I did indeed grab the loot but the gods were not in my favour that day as I was the sudden and proud owner of four points. Trying valiantly to burn away from my captors I tanked a great deal of their damage before succumbing to an inevitable doom.

Morosely announcing the loss of my Jag as well as the epic loot, I took solace in the fact that the 300m repper hadn't dropped and then held a brief silence in memory of Septembers ISK efficiency knowing it would never recover. *tear*

All in all though it was a gf and despite not getting on the Loki kill it felt good to swoop in and grab some expensive modules before (attempting) to run away with it. I suppose you could say it was an "I was there..." moment.


  1. Got your URL code wrong on most expensive Jag ever :)

    Another sacrifice to the lootgods.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Anabaric. The end of my lunch break was looming as I was typing this up and evidently I failed to proof read! It's fixed now.