Saturday, 3 September 2011

That Sweet Kill. Also teamwork!

Looking back on my past few posts I came off with the feeling that people reading this might be getting bored of me going on about an above class kill. Well, I can cheerily say that I've gone and done it though it wasn't as good as I'd hoped.

I was fitting a Rifter in Adirain and after undocking saw a Scythe on d-scan. Arriving at a safe I began the task of scanning him down to the belt, planet or other celestial he was (hopefully) sat at. It was at this time that an Incursus came onto scan as well. Seconds later I found the Scythe sitting on a belt but unfortunately the Incursus was there too and it wasn't too long before pod replaced cruiser.

Being used to arriving at a fight late I warped to another cluster-safe and spent the next few minutes trying to pin down an Imicus that had appeared, but to no avail. It was then that the pilot who had just had his Scythe asploded was back, and at the same belt! Without hesitating I keyed in the co-ordinates and warped in, making sure my scram was pre-overloaded. Landing right on top of the cruiser I engaged him gleefully.

It was only when it reached half armour that I realised the pilot wasn't firing back. The reason for this is that he was bloody mining. I sighed long and hard and popped the miners pod for good measure. I was/am still reluctant to use this as one of my Tusker-required above class kills because there was no competition at all. It still is an above class kill so I guess it counts. Its just I don't know when I'm going to find another cruiser to take on solo again so I may well end up using it. At least now you don't have to read about me whining about not having one!

The rest of the evening was spent roaming around and stuff(tm). I didn't find any action until Taurean Eltanin (whose blog you can find on the right -->) mentioned he needed help in baiting a Cyclone who had evaded his clutches. I was given a bookmark to a mission site and sat there waiting for the spooked Cyclone to return, while Taurean left the system to give the illusion he had given up on hunting him. It really wasn't long (read: five minutes, if that) before the mission runner popped up on my overview. I was on him straight away like a tramp on chips. Announcing merrily into comms that the battlecruiser was pointed I began the task of taking his drones out. Seconds later and Taurean was back in system and had landed on us started to smash through the Cyclones tank. Suffice to say it wasn't long before it exploded in a really pretty shade of blue. We tried to get his pod to try and get a random but it eluded us.

More stuff happened afterwards but my night was ultimately ended by my internet being really bloody annoyingly stupid and not working well at £$%^*()(&^%!

Fast forward to tonight and it was more of the same roaming and failing to find any action. I ran a few gatecamps, tried to engage flashy reds on gates who were too chicken to stay and play but didn't get any kills.  Tawa then mentioned that he had seen a Raven Navy Issue on d-scan who was presumably mission running. As he began scanning the carebear down I made my way back to Adirain. It wasn't long before Tawa warped on me and dropped a bookmark to the R.N.I.'s location. We had the help of one of the Sinners in a Hurricane and our merry trio warped in.

Landing on top of the Raven we made short work of melting his tank and upon reaching structure, Tawa called out for a cease fire and invited the pilot to the ransom channel that he made, but I share ^_^. The following is an excerpt from the channel:

[ 2011.09.03 20:36:54 ] Tawa Suyo > 500mil to keep the ship
[ 2011.09.03 20:37:04 ] Cable Udan > Hello Romulis :)
[ 2011.09.03 20:37:11 ] Romulis Blakk > Hello.
[ 2011.09.03 20:37:20 ] Romulis Blakk > I don't have it. Please...spare me.
[ 2011.09.03 20:37:29 ] Cable Udan > How much do you have?
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:17 ] Romulis Blakk > 19,785,341.27
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:24 ] Tawa Suyo > lol;
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:28 ] Romulis Blakk > in other words...I am broke.
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:28 ] Tawa Suyo > sorry
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:32 ] Cable Udan > Don't fly what you can't afford.
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:33 ] Tawa Suyo > 300mil minimum
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:35 ] Romulis Blakk > please don't do this..
[ 2011.09.03 20:38:44 ] Tawa Suyo > cya
[ 2011.09.03 20:39:10 ] Romulis Blakk > wowl..
[ 2011.09.03 20:39:15 ] Romulis Blakk > thanks..
[ 2011.09.03 20:39:27 ] Tawa Suyo > sure you only got 19mil?
[ 2011.09.03 20:39:32 ] Romulis Blakk > I just wanted to run missions
[ 2011.09.03 20:39:51 ] Romulis Blakk > That's all. Just missions.
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:00 ] Tawa Suyo > 19mil to keep the implants then
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:05 ] Tawa Suyo > since you have that
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:11 ] Romulis Blakk > have no implants.
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:24 ] Romulis Blakk > you take all the fun out of this game.
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:39 ] Romulis Blakk > You really suck.
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:49 ] Tawa Suyo > 2nd tutorial
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:50 ] Cable Udan > I'll say again, don't fly what you can't afford to lose.
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:52 ] Tawa Suyo > don't fly what you can't afford
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:57 ] Tawa Suyo > especially in lowsec
[ 2011.09.03 20:40:57 ] Tawa Suyo > also
[ 2011.09.03 20:41:00 ] Romulis Blakk > This game isn't fun at all with guys like you in it.
[ 2011.09.03 20:41:01 ] Tawa Suyo > YARRRRRR
[ 2011.09.03 20:41:04 ] Cable Udan > :D

It was then that his ship and shortly after his pod went BOOM! I was kinda hoping for more raging tears than what we got. I suppose he genuinely felt hard done by. If he wanted to lower his chance of getting popped he should have:

a) Not been missioning in lowsec
b) Have read one of the many mission-runners guides to surviving in lowsec
c) Not gone flying in a Raven Navy Issue if he couldn't afford the ransom. Who seriously flies around in a half a bill ship and claims to only have 19mil?

So all in all it's been a good few days. I'm flying around in my second Jag, having lost the first one to taking on a Hookbill whilst absolutely gazebo'd. I have a total of three ready to go and will experiment with some fits I think. 

That's all for now as I'm tired and need to go and photoshop this posts image and get some sleep. Fly reckless, people!

Edited for spelling and clarity.

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