Friday, 15 February 2013

A Fresh Start

Having decided to start posting again I wanted some fresh artwork for the banner. The old one was a pretty bad effort drawn by my own hand. My new shiny banner comes courtesy of Rixx Javix, a fellow Tusker with a penchant for graphic design. He was patient with my requests and the various edits that I wanted doing and I heartily recommend him for all your banner needs.

I also want to reboot the blog itself. Going over previous posts I started out writing simple battle reports from my early days a a pirate and learning the ropes of Eve PvP, and if that's all I continue to do I think it'll get boring. Nobody wants to constantly read about how I popped a bunch of newbies in Hevrice or how I went to Black Rise and killed some Faction Warfare people so I'm going to try and mix it up a little. Unfortunately I don't possess the in-depth knowledge of Azual so you won't catch me writing Know Your Enemy-esque articles but I'll be sure to provide some opinion pieces, mostly surrounding the area of piracy and PvP as well as highlights from particularly note-worthy and hilarious battles or just plain gfs.

In short stay tuned for more posts about me being a bad, tear extraction and some bloody good fights!

- Cable

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