Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Chase Continues

February has been a busy month, my busiest yet in terms of kills.

In 19 days I've torn apart no less than 94 ships and capsules which is a personal best. Due to work commitments I won't be able to harass the space lanes until the beginning of March so this total will remain.

I've only conceded 13 losses as well, giving me a good ratio. Some of my losses were down to me either derping or going into fights I stood no chance of winning in the first place whereas others were me being outflown by my opponent. Still, I'll take 94/13 any day of the week!

Most of my kills have been solo, with a sprinkling of small gang work thrown in. Unfortunately I don't really get chance to take part in organised Tusker fleets due to my play times conflicting with the roam dates but I relish the chances to join an ad hoc gang and this month has seen a fair few.

The last time I did a "month in review" post was for December 2011, so it's been a while. In that time I like to think my solo PvP skills have come on in leaps and bounds. I'm a far more confident pilot, I've started branching into different ships and fighting styles and I'm a more well-rounded pirate.

Highlights from this month include this Loki kill. We'd been fighting some of his corp members in Hevrice for a while when the Loki appeared on scan. Once the other FW pilots had been popped and the local Tuskers were reshipping from T1 frigs the strategic cruiser jumped into Jov. At this point Kaal was calling out for some hero tackle and I traded him a dual-rep Incursus as he didn't have anything available. As the rest of our fleet waited tentatively in Hevrice, Kaal jumped into Jov to try and track this Loki down.

As is often the case in Eve, greed gets the better of people. The Loki engaged this Itty on the Jov -> Hev gate just as Kaal appeared on grid. He soon got point and the rest of us piled in and applied dee pee ess. Moments after the Loki popped one of his corpmates appeared on grid to rescue his unfortunate friend. As soon as he saw all the Tuskers he burnt away as fast as he could, but even the agile Atron cannot outrun heavy missiles.

Other highlights include the Sacrilige/Rapier/Thrasher multikill in Jov the other night. Various Tuskers spent about half an hour trying to pin a bunch of different ships down until we all pretty much settled on sitting at obvious celestials until something decided to have a go. Eventually the Sacrilige jumped Araziah at a planet which had the side-effect of all Tuskers in system piling in to help. Moments after I landed on grid the rapier appeared too so that got pointed too. Mid-fight a random Thrasher landed and laughed in local as he was asploded too.

I've also spent a bit of time this month solo gatecamping. Due to the fact I can't use T2 large guns (yet) my weapon of choice is a sebo'd arty Cane. I can still lock frigs up in less than two seconds which is usually enough. I only really tend to gatecamp when there's not much going on in the systems surrounding Hevrice and I don't have the energy/time to go for a solo roam. As I keep telling people on comms (who always laugh, I might add) that somewhere out there is an Itty V full of PLEX with my name written all over it. It might be tomorrow, it might be next year but one day it will appear on grid and I'll be ready to take my prize.

No such luck this month though but my best gatecamp kill goes to this chap who couldn't cloak in time to avoid my cannons. It seems the loot gods do no approve of gate camping either.

Until next time, fly reckless o7

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  1. That Sac/Rapier/Thrasher fight was pretty fun. I eeked out with 9% armor left.

    February has been by far, the best month I've had as far as kills go (excluding when I was in RvB last year for 12 days - doesn't count). And looking at histories of other people in the corp, it's a pretty common trend.

    Lots of smaller (sub-BC) ships and lots more fights.