Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Hardened Resolve

Good evening dear readers (I do have a readership, don't I?),

So for the past couple of days I've kinda thrown my dummy out of the pram so to speak, because of my recent losses (six this month and no kills!). I made a post on the EVE forums about sucking at PvP and the responses I've got so far have been outstanding. Pretty much everyone who replied to my thread said that PvP (especially solo) is quite difficult to begin with and that you get better as time goes on. A few of them had even taken the time to go through some of my killboard to see the in's and outs of my losses and I got good feedback about that.

Target selection seems to be a big comeback. Several people pointed out that a great deal of my losses have been down to being outshipped from the very beginning. Taking on T2 frigates in a T1 for example. Some of my losses have been down to fighting players from feared and respected PvP corps. Though it's not impossible to defeat such players I didn't stand much of a chance when I opened up on a Tusker or a pilot in 
Heretic Army.

All this feedback and encouragement has been great and it's lifted me out of my self-imposed mood about being crap at PvP and reminded me that it's not all about killboard stats, but having a good fight!

Speaking of killboards, Lady Spank encouraged me to get my own, private one. so here it is. I'll also not be ingame until Sunday night due to RL events but I'll endeavour to post either sunday night or monday morning with (fingers crossed) the first kill of August.

Until then, fly dangerous!

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