Saturday, 27 August 2011

Skill Training Complete

I've still had no luck with my last solo above class kill despite having a few close shaves and getting infuriated at the lag between my point activating and target going into warp.

I thought I'd make this post about skills, and in particular my skills and where I'm going with them. Right now I'm happily sat on a sliver under 6 million SP. I won't bore you with how many I have in each subheading but they're quite nicely spread out to form a good PvP baseline and I've started specialising in certain areas already.

Right now I'm training Minnie Frigates to V and there's just under 3 days remaining. As soon as Tuesday rolls around I'll be training Assault Ships to IV and then jumping into Wolfs and Jags. I'll also be able to fly Caldari AFs as I have their Frig V too but my missile skills suck in comparison to my turret ones so I'll stick with the Minmatar hulls for now.

Once I'm sat happy in AFs I'm going to concentrate on skilling up to fit my armour-tanked Hurricane, which is all T2, sans rigs. To do this I need to train up T2 medium autocannons which is about 12 days away as well as getting a couple of lvl. III skills to IV for neuts and T2 MWD. Once this is done - which should be around early-mid September - I'm going to spam drone skills out. As I exclusively fly frigate hulls at the moment drones have been put on the backburner as they have no immediate use to me. Now that I'm soon going to be PvPing in Battlecruisers I really need to get them trained.

After that my plan is to max out my Gunnery skills. Right now they're all at IV with several at V which I'm happy with for now. It's probably going to take a good month and a half to max out the Gunnery support skills with most of them being 8 days and others being 12 but it'll be worth it in the long run.

Looking over what I've just typed out it seems I have a plan that's 4 months long tops, dependent on how hardcore I want to go with drones. When I first started playing Eve that would feel like a very long-term skillplan but now I realise that 4 months is a grain of sand on a beach; I've read on various Eve forums of people that have "long-term plans" that last years. I don't think I'll be joining their ranks by creating an Evemon plan that takes me to 2015 however. I'm quite happy to wait until I get to the Gunnery skill stage before I start planning which field to go next.

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