Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rifter vs. Punisher and friends and friends of friends

I found myself in Old Man Star not so long ago and there was a healthy amount of pilots in the system. A cursory inspection of everyone's show info revealed a couple of them were corpies but there was no reason for alarm bells to go off.

I warped to and from my scanning safes and eventually found an inviting victim: An un-renamed Punisher sitting in a belt. No other ships showed up within max range on d-scan so I thought I'd roll in and get myself another killmail.

Oh how wrong this dashing author was!

Warping into the belt, I'd decided to use Barrage ammo. I had some RF Fusion in my cargo for use against armour tanks but thought I'd take advantage of lasers short range and just kite the Punisher at edge of scram range. My autocannons spun up and within moments of landing on top of my opponent I had him webbing and scrammed and my afterburner was throttling away nicely. It didn't take long for me to eat his shields away and that was when the trouble started. My overview suddenly turned a nice shade of flashy red.

A Rapier, Navy Slicer, Hurricane, Dramiel and Crusader, who were all apparently good friends judging by the impeccable timing they all landed, were suddenly upon me.

As you can imagine, I knew the fight was over so aligned myself to a celestial and began spamming warp. I didn't last long at all but saved my pod and got the hell out of dodge. I offered up a "gf" in local but my merry band of killers saw it fit not to respond.

What can I learn from this? Well for starters it's never a fair fight would be one. I did the usual tactic of looking in local for a big group of same-corp pilots but it didn't work this time. I'm happy enough with my d-scan ability and my ammo choice for the encounter. Up until the rest of the gang arrived I thought the fight was going well; I was watching the heat of my guns, I was keeping my orbit right etc.

Oh well, it was only a Rifter!


  1. I saw the KM mate. That was the guy I tried fighting yesterday, got popped by his corpie's Rapier. Man, gotta watch out for those Desmon guys! We gotta fly again

  2. Think it's a trap? Try fleeting with the guy.